Pro-life Pastor Raises $60K For Ultrasound Machines

Mount Juliet, Tennessee- Pro-life pastor Greg Locke, the outspoken preacher known for his viral videos and Facebook post, has successfully completed his #StandForLife campaign after raising $60,000 to be used for ultrasound machines in Christian crisis pregnancy centres. 

The funds raised will cover the cost of four machines valued at $15,000 each. 

The campaign went viral during its launch, and the funds raised within a two week time frame. 

The campaign was in response to the mail recieved from Planned Parenthood after abortion supporters made donations in Locke’s name. 

Pastor Greg Locke visited Washington, DC, and returned the mail in person, although he was banned from entering the facilities where human babies are dismembered, crushed, and sometimes, their body parts sold.  Bins were provided outside for disposing of the mail. 

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Liberal MP Pushing Blasphemy Laws

Canada- A Liberal MP from Mississauga is pushing to pass a motion in the next few days that could potentially lead to blasphemy laws in Canada.

Motion 103, which was tabled in December of 2016 by Iqra Khalid, seeks to criminalize “Islamophobia.” The motion sets no definition of Islamophobia, and is open-ended, meaning it can be defined by one’s own opinions.

If passed, it would criminalize speech that merely offends Muslims.

The MP, Iqra Khalid, uses her self identity as a “brown Muslim Canadian,” and her experiences from several decades ago in grade school as a basis for the motion.

UIC is a Winnipeg-based Christian news organization, the largest in Canada, and many things we promote on our sites, including our subsidiary The Conservative Outpost, has received negative responses from Muslims, although our publications by inside policies are never withdrawn. UIC is committed to spreading the truth, and will circumvent the motion should it pass.

We will be launching a campaign to bear a fresh reminder of the hatred promoted and taught in Islam, and we encourage our readers to share posts we publish over the next week.


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Justin Trudeau Calls For Jihad

And you probably thought this was a click bait article, as commonly seen by most blogs.
First, I’m going to lay out the facts and put something together from there, rather than making several statements with nothing to back them up.
Jihad is defined by Merriam-Webster as a holy war waged on behalf of Islam as a religious duty, or a crusade for a principle or belief.
Last Monday, the extreme alt left PM of Canada, Justin Trudeau, called on Muslims to infiltrate the right wing Progressive Conservative party to gain control of the remaining political spectrum in Canada to maintain Islam and to prevent any criticism of it, essentially closing any dialogue between Islam and its critics.
This comment was made during a round table discussion with Syrian refugees.
Trudeau has been known for his Islamic sympathy, with his extensive refugee programs, and even attending gender-segregated mosques, which drew criticism from feminist groups, since Trudeau has called himself a feminist.
Here’s what will happen if his dreams of an Islamic country come true.
With Muslims infiltrating the government, rather than secular Canadian visionaries, we will see a steady rise of Islamic influences in government policies.
We will see favouritism doled out to those of Islamic persuasion, such as anyone criticising the religion being on the losing end of every fabricated perception of hate crimes.
Islamic banking will become so popular that it willl negatively affect the economy, where interest rates will increase towards infidels in favor of exemptions for Muslims.
This will create a distinct imbalance in equality among faiths in Canada, where government officials have taken up office on the basis of their religion in response to Trudeau’s call for jihad.
Remember, Jihad isn’t strictly limited to bombings, shootings and stabbings. Jihadists use whatever means are most effective at their disposal. Infiltration has been one of their most popular methods, Their “prophet,” Mohammed, used this technique in Medina to oust the Jews and establish an Islamic country. This was just the beginning. There’s not one Islamic country established by the will of the people. It was by Jihad, and attacks directed towards “disbelievers.”
The West has been eyed by jihadists for years now, they want it and they will do whatever it takes to get it, with the help of their useful idiots like Justin Trudeau.
We stand for superior values than any Islamic country has ever known. We have equality for all people, no matter who they are or what they believe. We have freedom of thought, opinion, belief and expression. This means I can criticize Islam until I’m blue in the face and not suffer any repurcussions. Others can criticize my religion and I have no right to retaliate. Neither do Muslims. The notion that our criticism of Islam is reasonable grounds for Muslims to resort to terrorism is absurd and senseless. Muslims have no right to retaliate no matter how much we violate or even blaspheme any aspect of their religion. Remember the shooting at Pamela Gellers draw Mohammed event in Texas? That was perpetrated by Muslims in retaliation for the blasphemy of drawing their beloved “Prophet.” You can only imagine who liberals sympathized with. Wasn’t the ones in front of the guns.
If liberals are so concerned about removing Jesus, God and other deities from public institutions, Allah needs to go with it too. Otherwise, we have that imbalance caused by Muslims or their sympathizer using their religion to leverage their government’s power. Not nearly everyone, as in over 90% of Canadians, subscribe to Islam.
Walk downtown of any large city in Canada and take a mental tally of Muslims vs non-Muslims. You’d immediately see why religion and government don’t mix.
This is why now, we must be vocal about our identities as Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs or whatever religion we follow or abstain from. Freedom of religion is one of the most basic and fundamental rights of every person and must be preserved.
All this coexistence is good until it becomes mandatory compliance to one favoured group, which is Islam, as indicated by the direction we are headed.

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Christians Take To Winnipeg Streets


You have heard of gay pride parades, but today, Christians took to the streets in Winnipeg, forming a march that started at the Manitoba Legislature.

Crowds gathered, wearing purple shirts with Matthew 7:14 on their backs, carrying various banners proclaiming Jesus as Lord, and other messages including the Ten Commandments.

As crowds marched through the streets, music was playing, and there was preaching through a loudspeaker.

As immorality is promoted through gay pride parades, a Christian March such as this is a welcome relief to the Christian community making themselves known and asserting their freedoms to make Jesus known while not cowering to political correctness.

As attacks and suppression directed towards Christians are ever on the rise, how do you feel is a good way to take a stand for the Faith? Let us know in the comments below.

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RFID Microchip Gaining Popularity In Australia


The controversial RFID microchip is gaining traction in Australia as the technology becomes more affordable and easily available to those desiring an implant in their hands.

The chip, which is nearly the same size as a grain of rice, is injected into the hand, often in the area between the thumb and index finger.

People who receive the chip can make purchases, unlock doors, store loyalty card information and conduct nearly any form of business requiring data, including the ability to transfer data to smartphones.

The chip costs between $80-$140, depending on the quality and capabilities desired by the consumer.

Reactions to this technology has been very mixed, from people criticizing it to Christians expressing concerns about it fulfilling prophecies of the mark of the beast.

Be sure to share this article and leave a comment telling us how you feel about these microchips. Are they a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy?

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Funeral Held For Travis Bauman, 17

Schanzenfeld, Manitoba- Nearly one thousand people filed into the Bethaus, a German-Mennonite church, to remember the life of Travis Bauman, 17, of Horndean, Manitoba.

Bauman had been swimming with two friends at a nearby dam in Plum River, just outside Plum Coulee, where he never resurfaced after jumping into the water.

His body was recovered two days later by a Hutterite diving team.

The funeral was sombre, withsermon emphasizing on finding peace with God.

Burial took place at the Horndean Mennonite Church in Horndean, Manitoba.

As the smell of silage lingered in the warm air from a nearby farm, and sheep bleating in the background, old hymns about Heaven were sung in tones of peace, victory and triumph.

The Bauman family has expressed gratitude for the RCMP, the local fire department, Blumengart Hutterite Colony, Oak Bluff Hutterite Colony, and the community who supported them and those who helped in the search.

They have asked for prayer to face the trials in the coming days.

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Calls For Nice-Style Attacks OK: Facebook

Just within days of the Bastille Day terrorist attacks in Nice, France, government leaders across the world have been condemning such actions, while the anti-religious maintain contrary opinions, with one person anonymously calling for more such attacks against pro-lifers.

Just as disturbing as this depraved individual’s comment is that after numerous reports to Facebook by various users, the comment was not seen as a violation to Facebook’s already sunken community standards, to which various company employees have admitted there was bias in that department, and some were attempting censorship directed towards conservatives and Christians.

We have provided images of the comment, and made sure to include those who liked it, as well as the reply to reports against calls for violence.

As anti-Christian sentiment grows, we will continue to expose calls for violence against them, and exposing the reality of the situation.




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